• This school is simply the best.  Both my children attended this nursery school.  It is everything you could want for your child at this age.  The curriculum is excellent and it is amazing how much the children learn.  The environment is safe, clean, nurturing and fun!  The small class size allows the teachers to get to know each child individually and give them the attention they need.  The Braithwaite’s are extraordinary teachers but importantly, they are extraordinary people.  Their warm and nurturing nature allows the children to develop trust in people outside of the home, enhance social skills and manners and develop a  love of learning.  I am  so thankful that my children’s first school experience was here.

    Anne F.Whitestone, NY
  • The Best Environment andy parent would ask for…….Braithwaite has exceeded my expectations as a parent.  Mrs. Lynne and Mr. Ron (Married Retired School Teachers) has transformed the back of their house into a magical 6 child per class Nursery School.  Each child gets undivided attention, guidance, art, music, culture and lots of love.  This School will WOW your socks off.”



    Kathy C.Whitestone, NY
  • Great environment, small class which offers an amazing advantage to the children’s learning experience!  They go over so much with the kids to really get them ready for kindergarten but also make it fun!  Would highly recommend.




    Jen B.Flushing, NY
  • This is the best preschool yet.  My daughter loves it there and gets lots of attention from the lovely couple that own the center.  They are both retired school teachers and with a maximum of six students per class there is one teacher for up to 3 students- a great ratio.  The teaching is phenomenal and I highly recommend this private, scenic daycare to anyone interested in seeing their toddler thrive.



    Diane P.Whitestone, NY
  • Thank you so very much for such an incredible year.  Eric’s first question of the day would be “Am I going to school today?”  Thank you so much for your kind and incredibly nurturing way of teaching.



    Anna C.Whitestone, NY
  • Thank You for all that you do.  I cannot think of any two people I would choose to teach my children during their early years.



    Heather K.Whitestone, NY
  • We feel so blessed that our children were able to begin their school careers at your wonderful school.  Neither one of them will ever forget the happiness they felt in Nursery School.”



    Stephanie R.Whitestone, NY
  • Thank you for all your hard work.  Carl’s life has changed since being in your school.  He now loves school.  Pretty soon we’ll be leaving for Seattle.  We’ll always think of you and miss you alot.



    Kyunghee S.Whitestone, NY